Enhanced Digital Journalism through Technological Transformation

Long Play, a beacon in the realm of Finnish long-form journalism, was poised to take the next step in its digital evolution. They envisioned a platform that was more powerful, adaptable, and intuitive, creating an enriched experience for their expanding audience and a streamlined process for their team. Partnering with us to catalyze this digital transformation marked the beginning of a rewarding journey.
Understanding the Mission

Our collaboration with Long Play was based on mutual respect and shared ambition. From the onset, we knew this was more than a project for Long Play. It was a mission to strengthen the bridge between great journalism and its audience through technology. We embraced this mission and crafted a strategy to bring their vision to life.
The Power of Efficient Resources

We recognized the importance of aligning resources with vision. In order to drive this digital transformation, we focused on nurturing a performance-driven culture within the development team. This meant encouraging efficiency, promoting quality, and fostering an environment where every team member could thrive and contribute to the project's success. The effects of this focus were tangible as the team's output significantly improved in both quantity and quality.
Rethinking the Tech Stack

The Long Play platform was originally constructed on Drupal 7 and ReactJS. As efficient as these technologies were, we identified the potential for even greater performance and adaptability. After thorough evaluation, we proposed a shift to Drupal 8, Node.js, and Vue.js, technologies known for their robustness and versatility. This transition was not just about leveraging new technologies, but about selecting the right tools to foster Long Play's growth.
Implementation and Learning

The software reengineering process was complex, but our team's proficiency made the transition seamless. The team reworked the platform using the new tech stack, navigating challenges and achieving milestones. During this process, we also mentored the Long Play team, ensuring they were well-equipped to leverage these technologies and maintain the new efficient workflow.

The Transformation

The shift was profound. With its revitalized tech stack, the Long Play platform operated with unprecedented efficiency. The user interface became more responsive and intuitive, creating a satisfying experience for its readers. Meanwhile, the Long Play team found themselves more capable, delivering high-quality work on schedule.
The Crowning Achievement

The real testament to the project's success was Long Play's successful entry into Google's prestigious Digital News Initiative fund. This achievement underscored the excellence of the transformed platform and affirmed the project's success. Not only had we helped Long Play achieve their technological goals, but we also assisted in propelling them into a distinguished global recognition.

Looking back, the Long Play transformation serves as an emblem of what is achievable when resource optimization and strategic tech transitions align. Potential became achievement, and an ambitious goal turned into a rewarding reality.


Today, Long Play continues to deliver top-tier journalism, backed by a platform that truly reflects its commitment to quality. Our journey with Long Play serves as a powerful example of how impactful digital transformations can be when executed with the right strategy, technologies, and team culture.

With our expertise and tailored approach, your organization can achieve a similar transformative success.
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