Staff Augmentation Contracts and Agreements

Free Agreement for Freelancers and Contractors

Working as a contractor is becoming increasingly popular, with many people enjoying the freedom and flexibility it provides. From receiving competitive pay to having complete control over their workloads and holidays, contractors benefit in numerous ways from this career choice. Sadly however, there are still key steps that need to be taken before one can begin contracting – setting up an entity for business operations being at the top of this list. A crucial factor when forming any professional relationship lies within contracts so making sure all parties have understanding of expectations (including payment terms) helps ensure clarity throughout partnerships - ultimately leading towards successful collaborations! We understand how difficult compiling these legal documents may sound which is why we've created our own template contract covering each area needed; feel free to make use if you're looking for guidance on creating your very own agreement!

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(Disclaimer: the publisher of this blog post is not a legal professional and this is not legal advice. We recommend working with a legal professional to finalize the contract language and content that works best for you.)